Getting the Right Fabric Bed for A Good Nights Sleep

The bedroom is a sanctuary; it is the room where all troubles melt away into a soothing rest. As such, everything about it must be top notch. This is why most people take their time picking out the bed, beddings, furnishings, the best pillows for a good night and the perfect colors that make the room comfortable and soothing.

The bed, which is the room’s most prominent furniture, requires adequate consideration. After all, you want to pick out one which will aid your resting and not turn into a headache. Therefore, everything about it; from the frame, side rails, head and foot boards should be stylish, functional and comfortable.

If you are looking for a touch of sophistication, a fabric bed will do the trick. You can get your perfect pick from any home furniture outlet, DIY shop or online stores such as eBay. If you have no experience buying fabric beds, here is a brief guide to your perfect pick.

The Fabric Bed Frame Size

Fabric beds, just like all other home furniture pieces, come in a variety of shapes, qualities, materials and sizes. Therefore, pick a frame and mattress whose size match. When determining the correct bed size, consider the size of the room. If the space isn’t too big, a big bed maybe overwhelming. However, for a spacious bedroom, a small bed may look out of place. Pick a bed that leaves adequate space for moving around while keeping it adequately filled. 

The common bed sizes include the following;

• Small singe which is 76 by 190 cm

• Single bed which is 90 by 190cm

• A small double bed of about 122 by 190 cm

• A double of 137 by 190 cm

• The king size bed of 150 by 200 cm

• Super king size bed which is 183 by 200cm

These measurements will help you approximate the size of the mattress to buy as well as the best size for your space. It is important to factor in the head and foot board spaces that are characteristic of fabric beds.

The Fabric Bed Frame Style

Choosing the perfect frame style is entirely a personal affair: you choose the design that delights you. With the bed being the focal point of the room, it is important that you pick out something that sets the mood of the room. Fabric beds can be as simple as any other or quite elaborate: your choice depends entirely on your preferences. Some styles you can pick from include the following:

• The no-headboard look is for the simplistic soul. This is preferred when something else other than the bed is the room’s focal point

• The headboard styled bed is for those who are looking for an elaborate center piece.  The headboards come in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs to suit your tastes. You can opt for a dramatic overstuffed, brightly colored piece or a sleek, modern design.

• Sleigh beds are those beds that have both the head and foot board. The two may be designed in a way that makes the bed look like a sleigh. This is for those who are more into the dramatic but elegant room. Since the boards take up space, this style is perfect for larger rooms.

• The storage beds offer comfort, style and functionality. This is the perfect bed for those with limited storage space but with a knack for elegance. The storage is underneath the bed in form of ottoman and drawers.

The Fabric Bed Frame

Fabric bed frames are typically made of wood covered in fancy upholstery. Larger beds may contain center support and bed posts while others require box springs as mattress support. The upholstering material includes suede, faux leather, vinyl, chenille, or linen. When making a purchase, it is important to choose the strongest of wood as well as an upholstering material that brings out your taste. Here are a few things to consider when picking out the perfect frame are as follows.

The bed frame and upholstery color is important, the most popular being shades of brown, cream, black and grey. Other colors are also available for the adventurous souls

Fabric bed frame assembly is typical of online purchases. When making an online purchase, make sure you have all the required pieces.


There are countless factors to put into consideration when picking out the perfect fabric bed for a good night sleep. Consider other factors such nightlights especially in kids’ rooms, as well as the positioning of the bed for adequate sunlight and fresh air. Before making a purchase, be sure to do your research well. You want to buy a bed that will last a long time. 


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