Importance of Using an NICEIC Contractor

Electricity is a vital need of every home.

It is the power that drives the appliances we use for carrying out even the most basic of tasks. Any issues with the electrical system of the home can thus bring life to a halt.

Therefore, it is important that electrical circuits and systems are installed in a safe and secure manner. Since installation of electrical devices requires expertise, this task should only be assigned to professional electricians. Moreover, the choice of the electricians should be made carefully too. It is a good idea to hire only those electrical contractors that are registered with the Niceic

What is NICEIC?

The NICEIC or National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting is a voluntary body that regulates the UK electrical contracting industry. It is not associated with the government and works independently. However, it has been granted approval by the UK government to provide competence certification to electrical contractors working within the country. Registration with the NICEIC is a way for electrical contractors in the UK to become an approved contractor. To get registered, an electrical contractor needs to meet the training criteria specified by the NICEIC. Moreover, it also has to get its work checked out by electricians assigned by the NICEIC.      

Why Use an NICEIC Contractor  

Electrical contracting is a very technical job in which competence and safety is a prime requirement. Using contractors that are not registered with a regulatory body is thus not an option as it does not ensure the safety of the electrical installations made. Hiring an NICEIC contractor on the other hand can provide the following benefits. 




Competence matters a lot in electrical contracting. If the electricians aren’t trained properly or don’t possess the requisite qualifications for performing the electrical installation tasks then they will make errors during the procedure which will ultimately cost you in the long run. NICEIC registered contractors are routinely assessed by the regulatory body for the training they are offering their electricians. Moreover, the work performed by these electricians is also checked from time to time for its effectiveness and competence. All of this ensures that an NICEIC contractor can be trusted to provide electrical contracting services of the highest order.  




Another advantage of hiring an NICEIC contractor is that it offers you the guarantee that the electrical installations being made in the building are done in the safest possible manner. All contractors registered with the NICEIC have to undergo rigorous assessment of their work before they are given certification. They need to uphold all relevant safety standards to gain registration with the regulatory body. This is done to ensure that the contractor is capable of meeting safety requirements when providing electrical contracting services. Even after getting registered, the electrical contractors are routinely assessed to make sure that they don’t compromise on safety. 




NICEIC contractors ensure that they are in compliance with the building regulations when providing any kind of electrical contracting service. They are required to do this by the NICEIC. Failure to comply with this regulation can result in the suspension of the registration of the electrical contractor. Therefore, electrical contractors registered with the NICEIC always self-certify their work to the relevant building control authority. With this task being handled by the contractor, you get to save the time and money that would have otherwise been spent on getting the compliance certification from the building control authority yourself.  





When you use an NICEIC contractor for your electrical contracting services you get the promise of receiving quality services too. You can rest assured that the electrical installation and testing services provided to you will be without any faults and errors. Moreover, it will be offered with a high level of professionalism. NICEIC registration means that the contractor can be trusted to provide the best service. The regulatory body ensure that if their registered contractors don’t offer quality services then they will help you in getting it corrected.  



Another reason why hiring an NICEIC contractor can prove to be beneficial is because it comes with the assurance that the contractor has insurance coverage. Each electrical contractor registered with the NICEIC is bound to have at least £2 million worth of public liability insurance. Thus, you can rest assured that if the contractor causes any damage to your property while providing its services, you will get coverage and won’t have to bear any losses. If you are looking for an NICEIC-registered electrical contractor then Electrician Grantham is a good option available to you. 



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